Tracey Shaw

I’m a front-end web developer from Geelong, Australia, and I love making customised, user-friendly WordPress solutions.


I’m a web developer with more than ten years experience, and a very strong preference for WordPress. Why WordPress? Not only does it have a large global development community behind it, I also find it to be one of the easiest content management systems for users of any ability. And since I rarely develop a website just for myself, the ease of use for the client is pretty darn important.

As mentioned, my current role is predominantly development-based, with dedicated in-house designers for the visuals. However, from time to time I take on the design as well as the development, and I can manage web projects from concept through to launch and beyond.

In recent years, my work has evolved and my websites adhere to WordPress Coding Standards, with my workflow made smarter and smoother thanks to gulp.js, and linters for SCSS and PHP. Day-to-day workloads mean I currently can’t make as much time as I’d like to dive into the newer WordPress world, but I do – and read – what I can as often as possible. This site is one of my first ‘real-world’ uses of the WP REST API. I’ve also just completed Zac Gordon’s JavaScript for WordPress bootcamp in my spare time, to improve my skills.

I am self-driven with a focus on responsive and clean designs, web standards and attention to detail. I’m equally comfortable working in a team or autonomously, with a passion for my work and the web. I love creating responsive websites that suit multiple devices, whether it’s desktops, smart phones, or devices in between.